Greetings to everybody!!!


            My name is Alexander. I live in  Rostov-on-Don, Russia. A few words about myself. I am fond of dogs since the very childhood, it is almost so much, as long as I could remember. Therefore, I can tell with confidence that dogs is a greatest hobby in my life. And therefore, this hobby already simply proceeds in the blood. I had different breeds of dogs throughout all life. I can't tell that them was so much, but all my life I live with dogs. However, I always liked Asian and Caucasian Shepherds very much. I didn't saw a special difference between them at that time. But I really understood, that it was absurd to get a similar dog in the apartment at that time. I wasn't solved on it. Therefore, as soon as I had an opportunity to get similar dogs - I made it, thereby having realized my greatest dream. Well, and then after a while, I graduated courses on specialization "The organization of breeding" and registered a kennel. The Kennel is called as "ЭДЕРМЕН" ("EDERMEN"). Registration number FCI N 13023. The Kennel was registered in 2011. "Edermen" in translation from the Turkmen language means "courageous, valorous, brave".


            So it turned out that I had the Central Asian Shepherd Dogs in recent years, but owing to different circumstances I nevertheless understood what exactly the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is more closer to spirit for me personally (here and further all stated conclusions, judgments, statements, belief are result of my personal knowledge and my personal experience and can disperse from opinions and judgments of other people). Therefore, the breed choice was made consciously and desirable by me as much as possible.


            I want to add one important point. All my dogs are ALWAYS AND ONLY is a source of my sincere inspiration and heat personally for me !!! Therefore, first, a quality is much more important than a quantity for me. I got used to give to each dog soul entirely. Therefore, I am not enough for too large quantity of dogs, identity is lost. In this regard I never tried and I'll don't try to get any mad quantity of dogs. Secondly, I never put and I'll never set as the purpose a commercial breeding. It will be no commercial component as an ultimate goal. I consider, that breeding has to be caused from the owner by preservation and enhancement of that, the best that is in breed, and from the point of view of animals - exclusive their physiological requirements.


           My dogs are my friends, it is my state of mind, it is an inseparable part of my life! In the Caucasian Shepherds Dogs (Caucasian Mountain Dogs) the main thing I see it is FUNCTIONALITY. I understand its ability to carry out those functions which are put in it by the nature. First of all, there are working qualities, without which ones the Caucasian Shepherd is inconceivable. It is unconditional that about functionality of a dog there can't be a speech if it isn't healthy physically, and, of course, physical health, in my opinion, consists of the correct anatomy of a dog. Therefore functionality of a dog is impossible without the appropriate exterior course data. Certainly most important role is played by mentality of a dog.


            And one more moment. In breeding of the Caucasian Shepherd Dogs I don't pursue the sizes and weight of a dog. The sizes and weight of a dog it is good, but exactly until it doesn't run counter with its functionality. The phlegmatic, inactive, massive similar to a mastiff individuals of rough-crude type of the constitution, moving with great difficulty and also the big shaggy show doggies, incapable to react to external irritants, aren't interesting for me. For me an ideal of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a dog with explosive temperament, with adequate mentality, courageous, brave, hardy, mistrustful to strangers, and also mobile and with the correct movements, well, and, of course, possessing the corresponding working qualities about which it was told slightly above is represented.


           I am infinitely grateful to all breeders for their hard work, efforts, knowledge thanks to which I have my dogs.



I am glad to acquaintance to new and interesting people always.





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